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Amanda Berry | What’s in a Name?
Author Guest / September 17, 2014

I’m going to let you in on a secret. You may have noticed it. It may have escaped your attention when reading the back cover blurb or if you read FATHER BY CHOICE. Heck, it escaped my attention when I choose the names. Whether through some happy coincidence or my brain having connections already formed that I’m not even aware of, I did something I couldn’t undo. So, here’s my secret. When I wrote FATHER BY CHOICE, I already knew that Penny would be Luke Ward’s heroine in his book, ONE NIGHT WITH THE BEST MAN. I happily wrote Brady’s book and sent it off. It wasn’t until I was putting together the dreaded synopsis for Luke’s story and got stuck. Let me backtrack a little here. My surname choices are generally obtained from the list of most popular surnames in the U.S. I look down the list and pick one I like. Well, when I got stuck I figured I’d try to figure out what nationality Penny’s last name was. So I type into Google (it has this cool feature that shows you searched that were done similar to the start of yours) “Montgomery.” Can you guess what popped…