Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Anita DeVito | Secrets and Insider Info
Author Guest / August 7, 2017

Hello fiction fans. I’m Anita DeVito and I’m thrilled to share exclusive insider information on my latest release LOST IN DECEPTION. A strong man needs a stronger woman. My hero, Tom Riley, was introduced in the first in the series, Lost in Tennessee. Tom is a structural engineer, build like a brick sh$t house with a mind to match. When it comes to ladies, he was all about appreciating them but commitment was a four-letter word. Finding him the perfect mate was a challenge. I created three or four female leads and Tom kept blowing them off. Until Peach Morales. Ex-military with a flair for being in the wrong place at the right time, Peach was the kind of smart that doesn’t come in a book. She had built her life by thinking two steps faster than her enemies and having the guts to stepped over the line. Peach didn’t want a man in her life…which drew Tom like a moth to a flame. It’s a case of the one thing you want is the one you can’t have. A strong woman needs a creative guy—in and out of the bedroom. Peach didn’t see why she needed a male lead…