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Author Reader Match: Beth K. Vogt
MatchMaker / May 15, 2019

What I write: After spending time as a nonfiction editor and author, I crossed over to the “dark side” of the writing road, moving from contemporary romance to women’s fiction. Yes, I like happily-ever-afters, but women’s fiction lets me explore how relationships between sisters, moms and daughters, best friends—anyone we love—can be messy. The novels in the Thatcher Sisters series could best be described as my “Little Women gone wrong” books. More about me: I’m an award-winning novelist who once said she’d never write fiction and now enjoys hanging out with imaginary people. I’m a creative, but I’m also craft-challenged, so don’t invite me to join you at Hobby Lobby unless you want me to push your cart while you shop. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me taking photos of my daughter’s volleyball matches—lots and lots of photos. I learned the game through a camera lens. What I’m looking for in my ideal reader: You want a story that delves into real-life issues like complicated family relationships, grief, estrangement, breast cancer, and unexpected pregnancy. You want stories with a spiritual thread—and characters who might believe in God, might not, or who are struggling in their faith journey. You want…

Bec McMaster | Are You My Perfect Match?
Author Guest / September 2, 2014

Author: Bec McMaster Writes: The London Steampunk series, with my latest release FORGED BY DESIRE hitting shelves September 2nd, 2014 About: Thirty-something romance author seeks readers for kick-bustle steampunk/paranormal romance, with a friends-to-lovers theme, a hero who knows women through-and-through, some steamy sex-in-the-rain action, and a heroine who doesn’t need a man to save her… Looking for more than just a one-book fling, though I don’t require monogamy with my heroes – feel free to love them all What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match: ▪ Their idea of the perfect date includes a Saturday night in with their e-reader/or paperback, a block of chocolate and perhaps a glass of wine… ▪  Dreams of a sexy HEA ▪ Falls easily in love with some devilish heroes who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it ▪ Likes dark, sensual stories with touches of saucy humor ▪ Doesn’t mind the odd bad-boy with a rakish sense of charm ▪ Enjoys a fast-paced, swash-buckling plot – think chases across rooftops, duels, explosions… ▪ Wants to BE that heroine who takes names, fights her own battles, and isn’t above signing up to a challenge of wits with their…