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Sara Reyes | I’m Pissed and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!
Uncategorized / April 18, 2009

Books read this week, all good for me: Buy Your Copy today Pre-order Your Copy today Buy Your Copy today Got your attention on that title. It’s been another interesting week with book discussions, perhaps because we had two great meetings back-to-back we were able to get into longer and better conversations about books. And the theme I heard the most, besides the absolutely delicious strawberry dessert made by Mindy all low-cal, was readers tired of being angry at books. Now don’t despair authors, no one has said they’d hunt you down and shoot you in your sleep or anything really nutty, just an overall frustration at investing in a book and being sorely disappointed. So after reflection and there are only so many ‘heated’ discussions I can take, I thought perhaps we should dissect this reader dilemma. First problem — voice changes. What do you do when it’s been a long time between books or worse, they go back and re-visit old friends and completely change their sound, ideas, and personalities? Forgiveness is divine I said and was soundly hushed. Second problem — character killed off Ooh, this one is generally the kiss of death to the readers I…

Sandi Shilhanek | To Finish or Not Finish?
Sundays with Sandi / March 15, 2009

Last year I did something I haven’t done in about 20 years. I set aside a book unfinished. This week I have been attempting to read another book by a different author, and am not very far into it, and am finding myself looking for chores that need doing rather than be lazing the day away reading. While I feel guilty if I don’t finish this book I also feel horrid about all the books waiting so patiently for me to finally read my way to them. This leads to the subject of whether or not to finish the book that is going slowly, or to continue to persevere. What would you do? Would you continue on with the book that isn’t working for you or move on? If you stopped the book would you set it back on the shelf or would you give it to someone else to hopefully enjoy? As for me I’m going to move on to a new book, and will keep this book in my stack because it’s on my Kindle, so it’s not taking up any space. Hopefully it’s my mood and some day this book will be right for me. Until next…