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Susan Kietzman | Grace and Bradley Who?
Author Guest / June 1, 2018

People often ask me where I get the ideas for my books. And I wish I had a response that involved dreams or visions or muses, but I don’t. Because I write contemporary commercial fiction, set in Small Town, America, ideas come at me every day – and often in the most mundane ways. I read a newspaper article. I have a conversation with a friend or a stranger. I hear a song on the car radio. Once the seed is planted, my mind starts to sort through the myriad ways of telling the story. A quick tour of my previous books will help illustrate the process. My first book, THE GOOD LIFE, is a story about the definition of success, as seen through the eyes of a wealthy, mid-western, CEO’s wife. A CHANGING MARRIAGE is a look at what can happen in a marriage after the honeymoon is over and life’s challenges test love’s limits. The Summer Cottage is a novel about competition, sibling rivalry, and the strength of the family bond, set in a beach house on the Connecticut shoreline. And EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY parses what mid-life crisis looks like for three, recent empty-nesters looking for a new…