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Susan Kietzman | Grace and Bradley Who?
Author Guest / June 1, 2018

People often ask me where I get the ideas for my books. And I wish I had a response that involved dreams or visions or muses, but I don’t. Because I write contemporary commercial fiction, set in Small Town, America, ideas come at me every day – and often in the most mundane ways. I read a newspaper article. I have a conversation with a friend or a stranger. I hear a song on the car radio. Once the seed is planted, my mind starts to sort through the myriad ways of telling the story. A quick tour of my previous books will help illustrate the process. My first book, THE GOOD LIFE, is a story about the definition of success, as seen through the eyes of a wealthy, mid-western, CEO’s wife. A CHANGING MARRIAGE is a look at what can happen in a marriage after the honeymoon is over and life’s challenges test love’s limits. The Summer Cottage is a novel about competition, sibling rivalry, and the strength of the family bond, set in a beach house on the Connecticut shoreline. And EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY parses what mid-life crisis looks like for three, recent empty-nesters looking for a new…

Pack Your Beach & Vacation Totes!
Uncategorized / May 19, 2009

Believe it or not summer is upon us and that means VACATIONS! Okay, maybe just a mini vacation or even a short weekend away from work but it’s the state of mind that’s important here, so let Fresh Fiction authors and friends help you! We’ve got the best contests with all kinds of goodies to enable even the worst procrastinators to get ready to hit the beach or run off to a summer vacation! Most of these contests end on June 14th so don’t delay and enter today! More Vacation Planning Do you have BIG plans for this summer? Or maybe a series of little mini-vacations? Or are you using the time to “redo” your life? Share with us and someone will win a $25 Amazon gift certificate to help ya! Tell us your favorite summer recipe, or perhaps your vacation plans, or even memories of school rattling in head what you did last summer! And help your fellow readers, tell us your reading list for the summer! We’re all curious. Beach and Vacation Totes contestsVacation Stories and Reading Lists Visit to learn more about books and authors.