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Blaire Edens | From Mayonnaise Labels to Fantastic Fiction
Author Guest / September 24, 2014

My name is Blaire and I’m a bookaholic. I will read anything. Romance, science fiction, magazines. Anything. Everything. As a child, the only time I didn’t have a book in my hand was at meal time. I had a mother who believed in three squares and meaningful conversation so I was prohibited from bringing my book to the table. With no story to escape into, I resorted to reading food labels. If you ever need the potato salad recipe printed on the back of 1980s Hellman’s mayo, tweet me. I’m totally your girl. The labels were never my favorite thing to read, but in a pinch, they were mildly interesting. Who knew A1 sauce is mostly raisin paste? I began writing WILD ABOUT RACHEL as a lark. It was a pet project, a window I could flip to when I was discouraged with other books in progress. Before WILD ABOUT RACHEL sold to Entangled Publishing, I wrote dozens, yes, dozens, of more traditional romances with very safe storylines, most of which never went anywhere. They didn’t go anywhere because they were missing one important ingredient: heart. They were as flat as a Heinz Ketchup label. Frustrated and discouraged, a dear friend…