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Caitlin Crews | 20 Questions: SECRET NIGHTS WITH A COWBOY
Author Guest / December 1, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  My new book is called SECRET NIGHTS WITH A COWBOY and also contains a bonus novella called SWEET NIGHTS WITH A COWBOY. The heroes are brothers. And cowboys. And super hot if I say so myself.  2–What is it about?  It’s about a couple who got married young and never figured out how to move away from the kind of childish relationship things that marked how they started in high school.  Can they finally learn how to grow together? Or is it really time to move on? 3–What word best describes your heroine?  Determined.  4–What makes your hero irresistible?  He’s a man who knows who he is and what he wants. Especially his wife! 5–Who are the people your main characters turn to when they need help?  They both have their families and friends, who provide varying degrees of support and advice throughout! I’m lucky to have written three other books set in the same small town, so there are a lot of familiar faces in these books and a lot of chances for them to connect, learn, and grow. 6–What do you love about the setting of your book?  Cold River, Colorado,…