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Caitlyn Willows | What Makes a Hero?
Author Guest / June 13, 2017

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, but I’ve always been a daydreamer. While the world churned on around me, I would be building characters, worlds and scenarios in my head. Of course, as a child I would always be the strong heroine, fighting to save the day with an equally strong hero modeled after the hunk of the day. Adulthood opened a door in my mind vault of stories and writing gave me the outlet for which I’d spent my youth preparing. My daydreams have turned into sensual, passionate, adventurous stories with strong women and men. Heroines and heroes who are willing to fight not only the bad guys but often their own flaws, egos and past in order to have the happily-ever-after they deserve. They are individuals who are fully capable on their own who eventually realize they are so much stronger as a couple. Together they are an unstoppable team. That brings me to my latest release, TO DIE FOR, and the story of how Zoe White and Frank Ludwig went from good friends to ‘I can’t live without you’ lovers. Zoe’s beautiful voice—soft, calm, reassuring—gave a police officer the strength to hang on until…