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Candace Blackburn | Must Have Traits for a Swoon Worthy Alpha Male
Author Guest / May 17, 2018

I am so excited to be given this opportunity. Swoon Worthy and Alpha Male are two phrases that are guaranteed to bring giddiness to romance readers, and a frenzy of one-clicks on the eBook sites. For an author in the genre, we must give our Alphas the traits that will require a fainting couch and a cold shower. Here are a few of mine. A strong heroine. I love to read about an Alpha who wants to keep his woman safe, but knows that she is strong enough to take care of herself. He will save the day, and fight off any and all enemies, but does not expect her to sit on the sidelines and watch all of this happen. Oh no. A capable heroine has the ability to vanquish any sort of enemy (werewolves or vampires, medieval feudal lords or crooked Old West lawmen), but she also feels a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that her man has her back. I’m going to borrow a member of one of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed for this trait. There was a scene in Kiss of Crimson where Tess (the heroine) was at an art gallery and Dante walked in. He…