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Cover Reveal of RESCUED by Cara Downey
Author Guest / May 30, 2017

Rescued The beginning of Sean Harris’s life wasn’t easy. Even after he was engulfed in the arms of a loving family who filled an empty void left by a rough start in life, his closet still harbored skeletons he worked hard to forget. With the love and support of his family, and his inner drive and ambition, he built a company from the ground up. His success is a testament to that and his determination to succeed. In spite of his achievement, his personal life lay dormant. He had his share of encounters with the opposite sex, but never anything that might have been considered a relationship. His love life is non-existent, and he’s not really living; he only exists. All that changes the day his future walks into his office. He can’t help it—Shervon Jones bewitches him the moment they make eye contact. He’s instantly drawn to her. His need to dominate and control her rushes to the surface, overpowering him. Sean knows in that moment she belongs to him. The obvious realization and acknowledgement knocks him off balance because he’s never had such a reaction to a woman like this before. Yet, he can’t wait to show her…