Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Carly Carlson | Austria has S00000 Much to Offer
Author Guest / August 17, 2010

I did not go to Austria to view naked men. That was just a side benefit. We started our vacation in Vienna. The city provides a wealth of inspiration for a writer, with everything from richly decorated historical buildings to fabulous art and even the Lipizzaner horses (amazing show and the riders…yum). We visited the Spittleberg district, where 18th century men could “enjoy life to the full outside their home” — nice euphemism for red light district, don’t you think? It’s now an upscale neighborhood and we had drinks one evening at an outdoor cafe on a charming car-free side street. Totally romantic. I went inside to use the ladies room (identified by the bra on the door). As I was washing my hands, I looked up where I expected the mirror over the sinks to be. What I saw, however, was two young men doing their business about two feet from my nose. In place of a wall above the sinks, there was a large glass fish tank (immaculately clean and empty) which occupied the space between the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms. One could scarcely avoid the “view”. I was shocked, but I filed it away mentally for a…