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Liz Carlyle | Can I Borrow Your Chisel?
Author Guest / September 26, 2010

One of the ways I sustain myself while on deadline—and folks, there’s a reason they call it deadline—is by making a list of all the really wonderful things I’ll get to do after the book is turned in and I’ve slept for three days straight. I have to say, finishing ONE WICKED GLANCE really took it out of me, and now the suspense leading up to the ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL release has me on pins and needles. But I am surviving! And today was Day 16 post-deadline. It was time to move down the Goodie List and reward myself. I downed three cups of Café Verona, and I was psyched by 8:15. Now bear in mind that I lead a small life, so the G.L. consists of things like (1) hand prune the Burford hollies and (2) scour sales racks at Talbot’s. But today I looked at the list, and saw I’d worked my way down to (11) go to Dick’s and buy an exercise bike, which was right above (12) bake oatmeal cookies. Now, I ask—which would you do? Let me just say, in my defense, that we are in the midst of an economic recession. Oatmeal is…