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Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan | Seven Sinful Reasons to Read A COURTESAN’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR MAN
Author Guest / May 26, 2011

In A COURTESAN’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR MAN, a modern museum curator stumbles across the diaries of a young Regency lady who jettisons her staid existence and embraces a life built around the “Seven Sins of the Courtesan.” We’ve come up with Seven Sinful Reasons why Fresh Fiction readers should pick up this book. Sin #1: Lust. It’s true. There some extremely juicy love-scenes in this book, set in both modern Boston and Regency London. We advise keeping a cool drink and a warm guy close at hand. Sin #2: Appetite. The sweet, hot, and thoroughly delicious story will satisfy the needs of even the most discriminating reader. Whether you usually dine on contemporary or historical, you will scarf down this treat! Sin #3: Idleness. There’s nothing better than shutting out the world and settling down into a novel that transports you to another time and place, and with this book, you get the double the journey and double the pleasure. (And double the hot heroes!) Sin #4: Covetousness. Some of our early readers have told us A COURTESAN’S GUIDE has earned a permanent spot on their keeper shelf but they wanted to give it to their mom/sister/daughter/best friend/niece to…

Uncategorized / August 19, 2009

In the past nine years, I’ve written about Regency spies, politics, family dynamics and fairy-tale heiresses. I’ve written about chimney sweeps, circus performers, pet lions and ruined reputations. What’s left? In my new “Runaway Brides” trilogy, I wanted to explore the meaning of fatherhood. Mine passed away before I turned eight, so this is a lifelong question for me. Fathers remain a strange and elusive species, so I decided to hunt for some among my heroes. What makes a good father? Is it instinct? Having a good example? A parenting book left on the back of the toilet? (with pertinent chapters highlighted, of course) To further explore the parent child relationship click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Celeste Bradley | When I Grow Up
Uncategorized / April 24, 2008

Why is there no period of perfection between zits and gray hair? Why can’t I ever be at the beginning of a trend instead of two years behind it? When exactly do I get to feel like a grown-up? When I grow up, I want to be that confident woman who smiles more than she worries and who is happy with her body because it is strong and healthy. I want to be the woman who gets dressed only once, who can wear a scarf with flair, who puts on paisley without ever considering if it makes her look just a bit like an overstuffed sofa. When I grow up I want to meet new people and remember their names and their jobs and what makes them laugh–and never ever stare at them the next year without any fragment of recognition. When I grow up I want to be on time for all appointments, wash my hair before it needs it and be on first name basis with everyone at the gym instead of the ice cream parlor. When I grow up I want to never be late with the light bill or lose a check or forget to give…