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Cynthia Breeding | Exclusive Excerpt: HIGHLAND CHAMPION
Author Guest / November 15, 2021

2:00 pm, Monday River Thames “’Tis good to be on a boat again,” Fiona said as the Sea Rover glided along, “even though ‘tis nae like a loch.” “That is an understatement,” Lorelei answered, trying not to sound sarcastic. Loch Awe, where Strae Castle was located, was crystal clear and carried the fresh scents of forested woods and heather. The river was grey and murky and smelled awful. Hopefully, this sailing adventure would not last that long now that Erik hadn’t accompanied them. “Combien de temps avant qu’ils ne le découvrent?” the boatswain asked the first mate. “J’espère pas avant que nous soyons en mer.” He shrugged. “Je ne veux pas les attacher.” “What are they saying?” Fiona asked. Lorelei frowned, not sure she heard correctly. She’d taken two years of French while Papa was still alive, but hadn’t had much cause to use it. “Oui. C’est une bonne dizaine de jours à Tripoli.” “Avec de bons vents.” The boatswain laughed. “Nous obtiendrons beaucoup d’argent pour eux.” Those last words chilled her. She gave Fiona a look that she hoped her friend would understand before she turned to the first mate at the helm. She prayed her voice wouldn’t shake….

Cynthia Breeding | Title Challenge: HIGHLAND HERO
Author Guest / June 16, 2021

When her life is in danger, Juliana Caldwell must trust Rory MacGregor—the one man who annoys her to no end—to save her. H is for “haggle”…      which Juliana and Rory do continuously I  is for “ignite”…        easy since both of them are like dry kindling G is for “gale”…          the force with which they clash H is for  “hachet”…     neither of them can bury it L is for “launch”…      the barbs they throw at each other A is for “adventure”…one they were not anticipating N is for “navigate”…   finding their way through more than stormy weather D is for “daunting”…  a task much bigger than a single rescue * H is for “hazard”…     of which there are many E  is for “eddy”….      the love/hate relationship flows R  is for  “Rory:….     Rascal, Rogue, Rebel, Rake O is for “odyssey”…  what a journey it has been * When Juliana Caldwell is abducted by Neal Cameron—who intends to make her his bride, willing or not–Rory MacGregor is summoned to find her and bring her back unharmed.  He is the best tracker Clan MacGregor has, but he is also Juliana’s nemesis.  If one of them declares the sky blue, the other will argue that…

Cynthia Breeding | Scandinavia
Author Guest / September 23, 2020

Scandinavia. . . Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. . . are beautiful countries. Until COVID raised its ugly head this year, most travelers chose cruise ships for these destinations since all the major cities can be accessed by ship as well as the spectacular fjords, but taking a bus/land tour with a much smaller group of people has its benefits. It presents the opportunity to learn more about the people and the land than what a short day excursion while in port can provide. Denmark is, as they say, “flat as a pancake” and everyone (everyone!) owns a bicycle.  Part of the reason is that there is a 150 percent surcharge on personal cars, although the Danes can get a “business” plate. Cycling also keeps them incredibly fit and healthy in spite of a penchant for ice cream and waffles. Historically, the Danes were powerful, having control of both Norway and Sweden for centuries. (Remember Hamlet?)  Odense is the home of Hans Christian Anderson and a museum there has beautiful editions of The Little Mermaid. Sweden is very pastoral, with forests and a huge lake (Lake Vattern) that nearly bisects the country. Stockholm is actually a city of many islands crisscrossed…