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Christine Wenger | Rambling Thoughts on Being an Author of a “Comfort Food” Series
Author Guest / January 5, 2015

First, let me explain that wild title above.  My series for Penguin/Obsidian Books are all cozy mysteries, and each one has a comfort food theme. You might ask, “Hey, Chris, what is comfort food? “  Well, dear reader, I think of it as food or sweets that grandma used to make, or mom used to make, or dad always made, or Joe at the diner makes.  It’s your favorite go-to food when you are feeling low and need some comfort.  It’s the way mom makes that sweet potato casserole.  It’s that meatloaf you grew up on.  It’s grandma’s apple pie and that you now make every Thanksgiving for your kids.  And, hopefully, one of your kids will make it for their kids. You might also ask, “Hey, Chris, what’s the setting for your comfort food series?”  Well, dear reader, I picked the perfect setting for my series: a diner!  My character Trixie Matkowski’s Silver Bullet Diner, located in small town Sandy Harbor, New York, is on the shore of Lake Ontario. Trixie Matkowski has the same first name as my favorite childhood sleuth, Trixie Belden.  When I was a kid, you could always find me lying on my bed, reading…