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Daire St. Denis | How Music Inspires My Writing
Author Guest / March 5, 2014

As I writer, I use music all the time to help me set a scene. It’s critical because, let’s face it, I’m often writing alone while still in my jammies, hair sticking up and wearing a non-flattering, fluffy pink housecoat. Yep. Pretty glamorous. So, imagine trying to write a really angsty or emotional scene while your kitten is all snuggled up in your lap, cozy-like. Or, trying to write a sexually charged scene while your kids watch Sponge Bob in the other room. It’s not going to happen. What I have to do is pop in my ear buds, find an appropriate song and play it – over and over and over again until it consumes me. If it’s an upbeat scene, I listen to dance music with a fast tempo, catchy lyrics and repetitive chords. Sometimes I even have to get up and dance around for before sitting down to write (this is not pretty – thank God I do it in the privacy of my own home). The slower tempo of ballads accompanied by acoustic guitars and pianos evoke the kind of sadness and melancholy I need to write heartbreak/achy scenes. And, the screaming electric guitars and frenzied…