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Dani Rose | Have you ever done a striptease?
Author Guest / June 13, 2017

I feel there’s a temptress in every woman that fantasizes of doing a striptease for her man. Do you dare to set that temptress free or does the thought alone give you the jitters? Maybe these tips will help you to step over that threshold. A striptease takes some preparation. It speaks for itself that clothes are important. You need layers you can strip off, and of course you tease as you do so. It’s about the way you move, saucy and cheeky glances, fluttering eye-lashes, and blowing him the occasional kiss. You move slow and sensuous and give him sneak peeks of your body. You could turn your back to him and cast him a sexy look as you bare your shoulder, then cover it again. Lower your gaze, look up through your lashes as you suggestively circle your hips. Lift the hem of your skirt and reveal your thigh. A sexy garter belt and stockings will certainly blow his mind. Tease him! Show him bits of the garments you wear underneath, and of your beautiful body, but don’t reveal too much. Not yet! You have to build it up. You tease, slowly strip off a layer, tease, strip…