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Danielle Ellison | Five Reasons You Will Love Culler, SC
Author Guest / November 28, 2017

As a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, I always found myself wishing my life had a little bit of Stars Hollow in it. When I got the idea for THE SWEETHEART SHAM, my main character Georgie, made me immediately aware that her town had a similar charm to that one – but set in the south. (Which meant more quirk, more community, and more sweet tea.) I did a lot of research on charming small towns. I used to sit with my friend, Jenny, and take notes of her stories about the things that happened in her hometown. I think there’s a certain kind of quirkiness you can find in small towns—and especially in Culler, SC—so here are five reasons you will want to visit this town again and again. You can walk everywhere. With only one stoplight, the whole area of Culler is walkable. Finally, teenagers can have some freedom. You don’t need a car to get anywhere, but you can have one if you want some privacy. Just remember that everyone is watching where you go, so don’t get caught parking at Hickam Bridge or your momma will find out, and then bless your heart. Everything you need…