Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Donna Grant | Exclusive Excerpt: IGNITE
Author Guest / May 9, 2019

He was a Dragon King. No one should have been able to get to him through magic. No one. But they did. With tragic results. If he’d kept a hold of his sword, he could have checked on the dragons several times. And called them home. V looked up and found himself standing in front of the medical clinic. Sophie, who was mated to another King, Darius, ran it. Many of the Kings hadn’t been sure how Sophie could continue to work as a doctor and keep the secrets of Dreagan, but so far, she’d done admirably. She wouldn’t be able to do that forever, though. As a mate, she was given the gift of immortality. Sophie had a few more years before others started to notice that she didn’t age. Then, she would have to close the practice for a few generations before she could open it up once more. V’s gaze swung to the parking lot as he heard the squeal of tires and a white Mini with black racing stripes pulled to a stop. He sidestepped to conceal himself behind a tree and watched as Claire got out of her car. V couldn’t understand how she drove…