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Deidre Knight | It’s a Crazy, Small, Connected World!
Romance / May 7, 2009

Recently Samhain Publishing released a true book of my heart, BUTTERFLY TATTOO. This edgy and genre-bending contemporary romance is my seventh published book although it was the very first one that my agent shopped on my behalf. The winding path this novel took before becoming published is a true study in how important relationships are, not only in publishing, but in all walks of life. I thought it might be interesting for my friends and readers to learn the crazy relationship connections that are involved in my road to publication. The story begins with Louisa Edwards, the editor who ultimately bought my first book, PARALLEL ATTRACTION. Louisa is literally one of my favorite people in all of publishing. We’ve worn a lot of hats together, and it’s almost amusing as time goes on to see just how many caps and beanies we can swap. While Louisa was still an editor at Penguin Putnam, I placed three authors with her, and we always felt that our tastes overlapped and blended almost mystically. So when my agent Pamela Harty—a super goddess among agents, by the way—shared BUTTERFLY TATTOO with her, Louisa fell in love. I mean, head-tripping-over-heels, crazy in love. She fought…

Deidre Knight | Red Fire
Uncategorized / October 1, 2008

Hello, gang! I’m so excited that my friends here at Fresh Fiction invited me to stop by and chat about RED FIRE, the first book in my new paranormal romance series, Gods of Midnight. This sexy series features immortal Spartans, seven warriors who protect humanity from every form of evil that stalks the night. I’m also here to share details about a fun and exciting opportunity. I’ve just launched the Not-So-Flat Ajax contest, giving you the chance to help Ajax Petrakos, hero of RED FIRE, find the soulmate who was promised to him centuries ago. You might be wondering what a household cleaning product has to do with hot, sexy paranormal romance! Well, trust me—Ajax Petrakos is many things, but he is no Mr. Clean. This fine man definitely knows how to get down and dirty, whether battling fierce demons or hunting for his mortal love, Shay Angel. You see, more than a thousand years ago the Oracle at Delphi prophesied that Shay would complete his very soul. He’s sought the woman ever since that day, never knowing which century she might live in. And that’s where you come in! Ajax has reason to believe that Shay Angel lives now,…