Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Delilah Devlin | Today’s the day!
Uncategorized / February 26, 2008

All right it’s in big letters on MY calendar, but likely you’re scratching your head wondering if you’ve missed a national holiday or if I’m excited about watching the next round of American Idol. Well, it’s not a national holiday, but I’m embarrassed to say I am TIVOing Idol so I don’t miss a thing. But that’s still not why I’m so excited. SEDUCED BY DARKNESS will be shipping to readers and bookstores today! So, now that my book will be arriving at bookstores and in the mail to my more modest readers, I can start the next round of “Will they like it?” Writers are notoriously insecure. We live and die by reviews and readers letters, because the actual measure of our success – SALES – won’t be available for months and sometimes years. For those of you who don’t know me, it might be because my books are shelved with the “naughty” romances–sometimes with the romance books, but in a restrictive shelf high out of reach and sight of little ones; sometimes in the erotica section with the tantric sex and Kama Sutra books; and sometimes, strangely, in the zoology section. Which makes it tough for readers who…