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Alicia Anthony | Risky Fiction
Author Guest / March 15, 2021

Inspiration is a funny thing. It is sometimes found in the oddest of places and often leads us down paths we never saw coming. Such was the case for my upcoming psychological suspense novel, Fractals. My ideas generally start small. This one born of my own fascination with an article about the microscopic topography of tears and the life events that might influence those tears. But it wasn’t until a conversation with a former student sparked life into my main character, Carly Dalton, and with her came the driving force of this novel: trauma. We all experience trauma to varying degrees, and I’ve not shied away from it in my Blood Secrets Series, but I knew from the start that this story was different. My heroine was a teenager and my hero her teacher, their relationship taboo from the start. And although Fractals is not a romance, it does straddle the line of moral code on more than one occasion, which was a risk from the start. But one thing I’ve learned is that when a character begs for her story to be told, as an author it’s my job to ignore the risks and set pen to paper. Unlike…

Alicia Anthony | Author-Reader Match: INHERENT FATE
Author Guest / July 6, 2020

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-Reader Match” where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Alicia Anthony. WRITES: Inherent Fate (available July 21, 2020!) is the third book in the Blood Secrets psychological suspense series, about the cost of truth and the price we pay for love. The series features reluctant psychic, Liv Sullivan, and undercover FBI agent, Ridge McCaffrey, as they navigate a corrupt psychic intelligence operation and unmistakable feelings for each other. ABOUT: Alicia explores the dark dusty corners of the human experience through her novels of suspense. She’s an early riser who (with the help of numerous cups of coffee) turns quiet early morning hours into page-turning thrill rides. MY IDEAL READER WILL: Enjoy digging into long-buried secrets. Like high-stakes suspense. Root for flawed characters. . . even those who are easy on the eyes. 🙂 Get on board for some light supernatural elements. Enjoy characters who spring to life on the page and storylines that keep you guessing until the very end. Never know who to trust. Believe that life–and love–is messy. WHAT…

Alicia Anthony | The Beauty of Irish Inspiration
Author Guest / March 16, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and it seems only fitting to draw on some Irish inspiration to celebrate that fair isle. I mean come on, is green beer the best we can do? 🙂 I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ireland on two occasions (but am anxiously awaiting a return trip in the near future), once with my mother and once for school and research as I was writing Inherent Lies, Blood Secrets Book 2. So in honor of tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day release, I’d love to share a few of the moments and people who wiggled their way into Inherent Lies. Inspiring Moment #1: Setting The opening image of Inherent Lies was inspired by my first night in Ireland. My travel companion and I were determined to find the famed Johnny Fox’s Pub, whose claim to fame is being the “highest” pub in all of Ireland. It sits on a hill just outside Dublin City, yet our taxi driver had to stop and ask directions (a story in itself) twice along the way. By the time we arrived, it was well worth the long and winding should’ve-taken-Dramamine trip. Not only was Johnny Fox’s all it was touted…