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Kelley Armstrong | The Joys of Serialized Storytelling
Uncategorized / January 22, 2009

January marks two big milestones in my e-serial writing career.  On the 15th, I posted the prologue for the first e-serial in my YA series.  And next week will see the release of Men of the Otherworld, containing three of my early e-serials (and a new story.) For those who aren’t familiar with the term, an e-serial is a story published in segments on the internet.  When I do them, I’m posting as I write, on a set schedule, usually a chapter every couple of weeks.  There are ways to charge for the downloads, but most—like mine—are done as reader freebies. I started writing e-serials shortly after launching my website in 2002.  A web guru at my publisher suggested I find ways to make my site “sticky”—bring people back between books.  It was a time in my life when I was looking for more storytelling opportunities.  I’d finished maternity leave and decided to quit my job (two kids under the age of two plus a new career as a novelist meant something had to give.)  I decided to write an e-serial novella for my site.  I polled readers for a topic, then started Savage, a prequel telling the back-story of…