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Emily R. King | 20 Questions: WINGS OF FURY
Author Guest / March 25, 2021

What is the title of your latest release? WINGS OF FURY What is it about? It’s a new tale inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Fans of both CIRCE by Madeline Miller and WONDER WOMAN will make the acquaintance of Althea Lambros, a young woman who must fight both with—and against— the gods to save her family. Althea’s world is ruled by Cronus, the God of Gods, whose inheritance is the world and women, his playthings. He takes mortal women as prizes and discards them when he’s through. No woman dares to defy him. After her mother is taken from her and dies as a result of Cronus’s cruelty, Althea is determined not to suffer the same fate as so many women before her. To honor the dying wish of her mother, Althea promises to take care of her sisters no matter the cost. Following the vision that has been revealed to her by the Fates—that she will crush the Almighty and free the world from his terror—Althea travels to the southern isle of Crete, where women who seek refuge from Cronus live hidden among the exalted Boy God. The Boy God, Zeus, the only son of Cronus, is believed by…