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Emma Elliot | Blurred Lines Between Friends and Foes
Author Guest / September 9, 2014

You know how to relate to people when you know where you stand with them, when you know of their agendas toward you and their attitudes, when you know what motivates them in their interaction with you. Understanding those aspects affects your approach to the relationship. When there’s a lack of clarity regarding those aspects, you’re left in a more vulnerable position. In AS DARKNESS GATHERS, increasingly frightening events make Finch question those around her. Someone wants to hurt her, and she isn’t sure whom she can trust. I think Finch navigates this uncertainty with a lot more aplomb than I probably would. She’s afraid and angry, of course, but she doesn’t allow it to cripple her. She refuses to be cowed and doesn’t allow the experience to make her bitter. She doesn’t let herself become paranoid, and I think if I were in the same situation I would have a difficult time not allowing the suspicion to control me. She has a lot of grace and strength of character, even as she struggles to determine whether those she loves are the ones she can trust. About AS DARKNESS GATHERS When their plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness, Finch…