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Eve Kenin | Kick Butt
Uncategorized / July 2, 2008

We all do it every day of our lives. We handle the cooking, the cleaning, the job, the boss, the mustard spilled down the front of the white blouse just as we’re ready to leave the house, the sick parent, sick child, sick hubby or self. A shattered glass. A shattered dream. A mountain of laundry that seems to be growing exponentially. Carpool, car accident, kid throwing up in the car. We handle things that are bigger, or smaller. Things that get under our skin and stay to irritate, like sand in your bathing suit. Things that are so huge they would dwarf a whale. We handle them because we must. Is it always easy? No. But we do it nonetheless, sometimes with gritted teeth or a heavy heart, and sometimes with hard won grace. Which means there’s a little kick butt heroine inside us all. So what exactly is the kick butt heroine? She’s a woman who copes with anything that is thrown at her. It isn’t always easy for her, but she faces down the challenge before her and finds a way to surmount it. Physical strength is one weapon in her arsenal, but she’s also smart and…