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Tee O’Fallon | 20 Questions: TRAP ‘N’ TRACE
Author Guest / June 15, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  TRAP ’N’ TRACE 2–What is it about?  This story is about tracking an elusive killer, and the police can’t find a motive. The only link between the victims is that they were discovered by the same person–Katrina Vandenburg. Kat is a wealthy socialite with a heart of gold. She gives oodles of money to charity every year and has her own charity–the Canine Haven, a rescue shelter that finds good homes for dogs and trains some of them to be service animals. FBI agent Dayne Andrews and his K-9 Remy are drawn into the investigation and wind up protecting Kat. Despite their extremely different backgrounds, the sparks fly between Dayne and Kat. 3–What word best describes your heroine?  Caring. Many people often equate wealth with snobbishness, insensitivity, and self-centeredness. Kat is just the opposite of that, and Dayne is surprised to learn just how warm, generous, and caring she really is. 4–What makes your hero irresistible?  I just love a strong hunky guy with emotional wounds from his past, and Dayne is no exception. He’s tall, dark, and broody with amazing green eyes, and he’s got a soft spot for Kat. Although it…

Tee O’Fallon | Behind the Scenes of Dark ’N’ Deadly, A Federal K-9 Novel
Author Guest / November 1, 2019

The Plot: It never fails that someone asks me where I come up with the story lines for my books, and I’m always happy to talk about it. Sometimes the plots are based loosely on something I investigated in my career. Other times, not so much. Sometimes I am simply inspired by something, or in this case–someone–I encountered on the job. While I was not completely aware of it at the time, the plot behind Dark ’N’ Deadly, the third of my Federal K-9 Series, started marinating in my head more than five years ago while I was assigned to my agency’s Denver office. The Colorado State Patrol Academy hosted a sovereign citizen seminar given by Chief Robert Paudert (ret.) of the West Memphis, Arkansas Police Department. Many Americans are unaware that the FBI considers sovereign citizens to be a growing domestic threat to law enforcement. Until relatively recently, law enforcement agencies were unfamiliar with this threat, and some paid the ultimate price. Chief Paudert’s son and another police officer were killed during an exchange of gunfire with members of a sovereign citizen extremist group. Since then, Chief Paudert has dedicated his life to educating law enforcement officers at all…

Tee O’Fallon | Writing Dog-Speak
Author Guest / February 22, 2019

Taking on a K-9 series has been one of the most rewarding, yet challenging endeavors of my writing career. Sure, it’s easy to select a breed for my K9 characters or to pick a cool name for the dog, but writing dog-speak? Trust me, it’s not so easy. Not if you want your canine characters to be just as much a part of the show as your human ones. As authors, we have two intrinsic ways of “showing” readers who and what our heroes and heroines are as people and what their personalities are like. One way is through action, and the other is via conversation. What a character says is a fundamental way to convey who that character is and what’s important to them. But how do you do that when one of your main characters isn’t human and can’t talk? English, that is. A dog has basic language skills he/she uses to get its point across: bark, woof, snort, whine, whimper, growl…you get the picture, but there’s no language as we (humans, that is) know it. So how can it be done? How does an author get across to the reader what kind of personality a dog has?…