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The Best Gift Books for 2008 according to Fresh Fiction Staff Members
Fresh Pick / December 20, 2008

Every day Fresh Fiction has a new “Fresh Pick,” a book recommended by readers not necessarily reviewers although I think there are a few reviewers opinions sought during the process. But the cool thing–does that age me — is a group of readers sit down and come up with the best books for a theme. The books are usually fiction but sometimes a cook book or self-help will creep in. I’ve heard the arguments that most self-help and cookbooks are works of fiction anyway. Could be the non-cooks complaining and I won’t even touch the bit about the self-help since I’m rather fond of those myself. Anyway, for the past few months the looming days around the end-of-year holidays is always a hot topic. Like what are the books you read to get into the mood, when do you start reading, is Halloween too early? What do you like to read, something uplifting to raise spirits, something fluffy to get away from all the stress? And gifts. What do you give someone — gasp — who doesn’t read? Or someone who only reads a certain genre. Everyone knows someone so prejudiced, you buy them a contemporary when they only read…