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Jen’s Jewels | Interview with Gil McNeil
Jen's Jewels / May 2, 2010

I can only imagine what it’s like being a single parent. Trying to work full-time while coordinating the children’s school and extra-curricular activities would be a Herculean task to say the least. Unfortunately, many women find themselves in this role due to the unexpected death of a spouse. No matter what the circumstances, it is a role no woman (or man) ever wants to play. This month’s Jen’s Jewels Gil McNeil tackles that very question in her latest release, NEEDLES AND PEARLS. The sequel to her highly popular book, THE BEACH STREET KNITTING SOCIETY AND YARN CLUB, she picks up a year after the death of Jo Mackenzie’s husband as Jo struggles to adjust to her new life raising two sons all alone. With Gil’s British wit and sensational storyline, she welcomes the reader into the zany lives of a hilarious cast of unforgettable characters. As a side note, you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy the sequel. Although, it is a great read! As part of this interview, Hyperion Books has generously donated 5 copies for you, my lucky readers, to try to win. So, don’t forget to look for the trivia question at the end….