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Charish Reid | Title Challenge: HEARTS ON HOLD
Author Guest / February 4, 2020

My latest adult contemporary romance, HEARTS ON HOLD, features a professor and a librarian who engage in a short affair while working together on a university project. Dr. Victoria Reese isn’t expecting to catch feelings during this three-week trist; she’s looking for a release from the stressors of teaching at a predominantly white university, nosy administrators, and an overbearing mother. Her secret lover, John Donovan, has his own share of stressors: Managing the children’s department of The Farmingdale Library and caring for a cheeky 12-year-old niece. Working with the tightly-wound, schedule-obsessed professor sounds like a challenge for a man who has ADD and tries to live a laidback life. But there’s something about Victoria and her overdue paperback romance that makes John intrigued. He’s always up for a sexy challenge. H is for Hot. These two have amazing chemistry. E is for Earnest. John is there to support A is for Attraction. It’s instant. R is for Rendezvous. They have few of those. T is for Time-management. Victoria loves to schedule S is for Sisterhood. Yay for female friendships!   O is for Overdue. Victoria’s paperback is crazy late N is for Nemisis. Victoria’s boss is a meany.   H…