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Elizabeth Harmon | That’s What I Like About You, Pt. 1
Author Guest / February 28, 2017

Conflict drives romance, but my favorite scenes to write (and read) are those that show the hero and heroine discovering why they’re perfect for one another. Whether it’s hot sex, similar histories, or realizing they’re more alike than different, the moment when the hero and heroine make their first real connection, brings the feels that make me fall in love with romance. Because of it’s short length, my new release, HEATING IT UP: A Red Hot Russians novella, offered a unique challenge. Widowed artist Nora and Russian adventurer Alexei don’t have months to fall in love, it has to happen in just three days. Attraction sparks when they’re trapped together during a storm and grows as Nora decides to help Alexei save close-knit Antarctic outpost he calls home from closing. But will the truth about Nora’s role in Amity Bay’s demise doom their romance? Though Nora has her secrets, these five things help her see that Alexei is the perfect man. He loves the outdoors – Nora’s military family lived all over the world, and one of the places she loved most was the icy but beautiful island of Greenland. When she comes to Antarctica, she encounters green icebergs and…