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Leverage CON-con Day Three — The Girls, The Guys, and the Stairwells.
Uncategorized / March 28, 2010

When I last left my blog post, I was on my way to the Saturday evening banquet of the first official Leverage CON-con convention in Portland, OR. It was in the same large ballroom at the Governor Hotel as the cocktail party had been. Lots of round tables with lots of chairs encircling them, white table cloths and even whiter cloth napkins. I found my Browncoat/Firefly Fan friends and we were joined by a couple from LA and a mother and her two teenage daughters. When signaled, your table could go to either side of the room and take your dinner from the buffet tables that had been set up. Salad, pasta, chicken, fish or beef – your choice. I have been to less than five hotel banquets in my life, so far, and can say that Jake’s Catering has by far the best food. Widgets Andy Lange and his band performed, as did Storm Large. I like Andy’s music and picked up his CD from the dealer’s room – his song “Not Sure Yet” is featured at the end of the Leverage Season 2 episode “The Beantown Bailout Job”. I think Storm has an incredible voice, but I’m…

Leverage Day Two — Cocktail Party, Leverage Set Visit and Conference Panels.
Uncategorized / March 21, 2010

I have been to exactly two media convention cocktail parties, so I do not have a large sample to draw upon for this review. From what I can tell, corporate sponsorship makes a difference. The TNT Cocktail Party Extravaganza at the Leverage CON-con was amazing. cash bar two separate tables of food free ticket for 1 drink 2 Wii stations Garage Band set-up in an adjoining room live music by Andy Lange entertainment by Rick Overton I hung out with new friends I’d made at this convention, and some local Browncoats (Firefly/Serenity fans) I had cruised with in 2006. Being an introvert in a heavily crowded room filled with good yet exceptionally loud music, my instinct was to find a place and stay put. Barbara taught me the find art of “wandering”, or as we came to call it, “hit-and-run mingling”. Through this technique I talked with actors, a financial producer, a director, and the man who runs the computer systems that get the shows digital dailies to LA after having been filmed in Portland. I had a fabulously fun time. Around 11 pm, after getting off a full day ofshooting, all five main actors showed up for a brief…