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Heidi Chiavaroli | Three Reasons to Choose a Time-Slip Novel for Your Book Club
Author Guest / May 21, 2018

In the nine months or so since I’ve become a published author, I’ve quickly narrowed down my favorite ways to connect with readers. By far, book clubs are at the top of the list. Truly, what could be more fun than sitting with a group and delving into a shared story? Book clubs are made up of enthusiastic readers who seem to have tons of questions. Many times, in visiting with these groups, my book has taken on new meaning, even for me. Often when I’m asked to recommend a book for a club, I’ve suggested a time-slip novel. There’s just something about a story with both a contemporary and a historical storyline, with a connecting point throughout, that I love. Here are three reasons to consider a time-slip novel for your next book club pick. One Book . . . but Also Two! Okay, time-slip books are really just one story. But in many ways, they are two! Just think . . . two stories to ponder in one month, the characters of two stories to dwell on, a chance to consider how they all fit together and why the author chose to tell them like this in the…