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Cynthia Breeding | Title Challenge: HIGHLAND HERO
Author Guest / June 16, 2021

When her life is in danger, Juliana Caldwell must trust Rory MacGregor—the one man who annoys her to no end—to save her. H is for “haggle”…      which Juliana and Rory do continuously I  is for “ignite”…        easy since both of them are like dry kindling G is for “gale”…          the force with which they clash H is for  “hachet”…     neither of them can bury it L is for “launch”…      the barbs they throw at each other A is for “adventure”…one they were not anticipating N is for “navigate”…   finding their way through more than stormy weather D is for “daunting”…  a task much bigger than a single rescue * H is for “hazard”…     of which there are many E  is for “eddy”….      the love/hate relationship flows R  is for  “Rory:….     Rascal, Rogue, Rebel, Rake O is for “odyssey”…  what a journey it has been * When Juliana Caldwell is abducted by Neal Cameron—who intends to make her his bride, willing or not–Rory MacGregor is summoned to find her and bring her back unharmed.  He is the best tracker Clan MacGregor has, but he is also Juliana’s nemesis.  If one of them declares the sky blue, the other will argue that…