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Stefanie London | Why I love Disney Movies… Even as an Adult
Author Guest / June 17, 2019

Growing up my favourite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. I wanted to have Ariel’s signature red hair, and I loved shiny things like she did. I was fascinating with anything “underwater” like reefs and sharks and colourful fish. Basically, I knew if Ariel was a real person, we would totally be BFFs. I was also a huge fan of all the 90’s Disney movies: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King… it was a good era for Disney. As I grew older, I assumed that fairy tales would lose their shine. After all, I knew what the real world was like and fairy tales were far from realistic…right? Well, maybe not. If you look past the themes of fairy tales to the message behind it, there’s something that still deeply resonates with me as an adult. Take Beauty and the Beast, for example. Belle had standards, she isn’t going to settle by living someone else’s dream. She most certainly wasn’t going to change all that because the people in her town thought she was an odd duck. As an odd duck with big dreams myself, I appreciated that. What about The Lion King where we learn about loyalty…