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Traci Douglass | Top 10 Reasons Why Bad Boys Make the Best Book Boyfriends
Author Guest / January 10, 2019

10. Confidence: What’s sexier than a man who’s strong, powerful, knows what he wants in life and how to get it? Bad boys are bristling with testosterone and driven to achieve their goals, whether that’s conquering the board room or the bedroom. Plus, bad boys LOVE women who are a perfect match for them—meaning a gal who’s just as strong, feisty, and sexy as he is (whether she knows it or not). 9. Generosity: He’s a giver, a guy who loves to please and is super good at it too (wink). A Bad Boy understands his woman is unique and each time he’s with her it’s special. The sensual journey is a mystery, but it’s guaranteed to be amazing when both people mutually surrender to the magic between them. Bad boys understand and respect that gives and take and it only adds to their wicked powerful attraction. 8. Communication: Despite his flaws, any good Bad Boy knows how to communicate with women. He doesn’t hide what he’s thinking and feeling. And sure, sometimes it might not be what the heroine wants to hear, but he’s honest. 7. Instincts: Bad Boys know when the time is right and they’re not afraid…