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Jacqui Jacoby | Why a Tough Heroine
Author Guest / April 8, 2014

You’re home alone. The house is dark. The clock is reading 3:32a.m. That noise that wakes you from your sound sleep, it’s going to be one that pulls your butt from your warm bed and has you investigating the source. Because, as a tough chick heroine of any story, we don’t need weapon because we are tough enough on our own and our thoughts will direct us on the right path. Everything we needs is on us, in us. We has a reason for facing down whatever evil might lie ahead. In Poltergeist, Diane Freeling faced terrifying odds as her children were taken from her. In her determination was her motivation and she got them back and won. Her love of her kids was her driving force. For me, a self-defense enthusiast since the age of fifteen, it was a history that drove me to become the toughest soccer Mom that walked. Many bad things randomly happened to very nice people in the town where I grew up. I decided young I would never be one of those victims. I taught this lesson to my kids, enrolling them in Tae Kwon Do while other parents told us “But Chorus is…