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Jaime Lee Moyer | Haunted
Author Guest / June 26, 2014

Most of us love spooky stories. Everything from tales of haunted houses told around the campfire on summer nights, to tragic stories of ghosts endlessly searching for a lost love hold us rapt and invoke that delicious shiver of momentary belief.  We all know these are only stories, make-believe, but just for an instant– we wonder if they could be true. But what if you knew, really knew, that ghosts were real? What if they appeared to you every single day of your life, woke you in the middle of the night, and threatened those you love? How would you live with being haunted? That’s the question facing my main character Delia Martin and her husband, Captain Gabe Ryan, in A BARRICADE IN HELL, the second Delia Martin book. It was also the question I had to ask myself when I started writing this series of books. Ghosts seek Delia out, both the lost and confused haunts who haven’t yet realized they’re dead, and the stronger, more malevolent spirits who seek revenge, or are determined to cling to the world of the living. All of them want something from Delia. Most of what they want she can’t give. Phantoms often…