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Jaime Rush (aka Tina Wainscott) | Cheeky Reads
Uncategorized / October 8, 2009

And then…and then…and then… After writing 18 stand-alone books under my real name, Tina Wainscott, I embarked on a totally new adventure—a series under a pseudonym. Never in most of those many years did I even consider writing a series. I did read some series and enjoyed them, but I just didn’t get hooked for the most part. A couple of years ago I needed a change. A serious change. So I let loose my muse and told her to pick whatever she wanted, no limits. (Not that she listens to me anyway) It was a surprise when she came back (like a panting dog with a bone) with a series idea. The more I chewed that bone, the more I liked the idea. First, I know the appeal of seeing your favorite characters grow over a longer period of time, revisiting friends from past books, continuing a thread. I didn’t want to focus on one character but instead, a group, and each book would feature a new romantic lead. The first lead, from A PERFECT DARKNESS (book 1 of the Offspring series) became my Luke and Laura from General Hospital fame (waaay back in the 80’s). Torn apart, connected…