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Meet the Boas & Tiaras Authors | Jane Porter relaxes with Lucky Charms, yum!
Author Spotlight / June 1, 2018

As we speed closer and closer to Boas & Tiaras (click here to buy your ticket) we decided to give you more insight into our attending authors. We’ll highlight one author in each newsletter with five quick questions.     Jane Porter is stepping up to the mic. Pitch us your newest book in one sentence. There are consequences when you help your best friend avoid a loveless marriage, especially when its ends up sabotaging your boss’s wedding. What book made you fall in love with the genre(s) you write? Michelle Reid’s PRICE OF A BRIDE (but also, Debbie Macomber’s early romances, and Nora Robert’s Silhouettes). Tell us about your favorite character you’ve ever written. I don’t have just one, but I tend to fall in love with my heroes.  I really adore them, and want to date them, and I so enjoy their banter, and their charm, and masculinity and appeal.  (Now that I think about it I’m terribly fond of Rory Douglas from MIRACLE ON CHANCE AVENUE) What do you do to de-stress when you’re on a writing deadline? Travel, read, and watch reality singing and dancing competitions. I have lots of secret weaknesses and I record my shows…

Jane Porter | A Thing Called Grace
Uncategorized / October 17, 2007

I’m a hard worker, a good mom, a loyal friend, and sometimes a pretty decent writer, but that doesn’t mean everything goes smoothly. In fact, sometimes it means nothing goes smoothly and life becomes what life generally is: one endless roller coaster of highs, low, and loop de loos. I’ve been most this year on the roller coaster and the past six months have pretty much been loops and swoops and hair curling drops that put your stomach up in your mouth and leaves it there. Like everyone else, I’ve had sick family members and lost family members and had financial worries and child worries and work worries but what the heck, we can’t cry (too much), we just have to keep going. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Putting one foot in front of the other as I finish one book and begin to hit the road and promote another. My kids hate me being gone. I’m a single mom and the boys’ dad has been in the hospital since April. They don’t want to be left with sitters. I don’t blame them for not wanting to be left with sitters but sometimes we do what we don’t want…