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Janet Chester Bly | The Right Start: Fans Weigh In On First Pages
Author Guest / December 15, 2014

In the early stages of a doing a first draft for my first solo novel, WIND IN THE WIRES, I gave a shout-out on social media for volunteers to do critique. I was so used to my writing partner husband’s coming alongside throughout the process of each project. I missed that vital interchange. So, I sought out readers who would dare peek at rough beginnings. Some were given three to five pages. Others had a full first chapter. As the comments rolled in, my excitement grew. The story evolved. Perspective emerged on where the characters and plot needed to develop. Invaluable! They truly helped me recognize changes needed. And as he or she invested in the story, I received inspiration and encouragement. Later, they inquired about my progress and even prayed for me. Here are the original first lines they observed: Rebalene Mereddith Campbell searched for the cow again though she’d rather be riding the wind or meditating on a hill somewhere. She slowed down to study the terrain. First of all, Rebalene Mereddith Campbell seemed like a tongue twister or at least a bit awkward. Eventually I shortened it to Reba, then Reba Mae, and switched her last name…