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Fresh Pick | BRIDE OF THE WOLF by Jennifer St. Giles
Fresh Pick / October 25, 2009

The Shadowmen #4 May 2009On Sale: April 28, 2009Featuring: Marissa Vasquez; Navarre352 pages ISBN: 1416563415EAN: 9781416563419Mass Market Paperback$6.99 Paranormal, Romance Paranormal Buy at Bride Of The Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles Injured Blood Hunter Navarre is kidnapped along with oil heiress Marissa Vasquez. Their bid for freedom, puts them into a deadly race for their lives as the become the hunted prey of two Vladarian Vampires and the evil Dr. Cinatas. Together Marissa and Navarre’s spirits form a powerful link matched only by their passion. But can a mortal woman attain true love with a man who is half wolf? Or will their enemies steal their one chance at happiness? Navarre and Marissa are in for the fight of their lives against the evil vampire Herrera. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.

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Romance / March 27, 2009

The Heroes of Touch a Dark Wolf, Lure of the Wolf, Kiss of Darkness, and Bride of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles. Looking over the four scowling, muscled men surrounding me at the picnic-style table, it seemed to me that their drop-dead sex appeal sucked all of the air from the ranger camp’s dining hall. I fought for a deep breath, started the recorder, and delved right into the interview. The sooner they realized I wasn’t here to steal something sacred from them like their sword or the TV remote, the better off I would be. Provided I could lie that well. The truth was I would have stolen any moment I could in a dark corner. It was my first assignment for Cosmos PQ and I’d felt like a lamb coming into a den of lions when I walked in the door, but now that I’d met them…well that was changing. Jared and Navarre were warriors from the spirit world and Sheriff Sam Sheridan along with Deputy Nick Sinclair were humans from Twilight’s Sheriff’s Department. Before today my closest encounter with the paranormal was hot romance novels, but I had an open mind and always believed where there…

Jennifer St. Giles | Who’s your man?
Uncategorized / April 11, 2008

As a reader, I love books with dark, sexy heroes who meet their match in strong, vibrant women. And as I writer, I strive create heroes and heroines just like that in both my historicals and my paranormal contemporaries–men that melt your senses meeting women that inspire your spirit and finding a love that fills your heart. Everyday I realize more and more that the most important thing in life is learning to love yourself and others. So today for a little fun and a lot of love I want to hear from all of you readers and writers out in Fresh Fiction land. Tell me about your favorite heroes. What are they like and why do you love them? He can be a real-life hero you know, or he can be one created by your favorite author. And if any of you have had the opportunity to read any of my books, then I would love to hear, which of my fictional heroes was your favorite and why? I’ll be off to the Romantic Times Convention come Monday and invite any of you to stop by and say hello. Happy ReadingJennifer St. Giles Visit to learn more about…