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Jessica Peterson | It’s in His Kiss Or, Top 5 Reasons Why Smooching In Books Is Awesome
Author Guest / January 6, 2015

Hello everyone!  My name is Jessica Peterson, and book two of my debut Regency-set trilogy, THE MILLIONAIRE ROGUE, hits shelves TODAY!  I describe it as The Thomas Crown Affair meets a sassy Jane Austen: a famous fifty carat diamond is stolen in the midst of a crowded ballroom, and all sorts of deliciousness ensues! MILLIONAIRE was so fun to write.  I wouldn’t say it was easy – writing is never, ever, ever easy, at least not for me – but I fell in love with my characters pretty quickly, which always makes the daydreaming necessary for plotting a bit easier. I absolutely ADORE Thomas and Sophia, my witty hero and heroine, and hope you will, too.  I think one of the main reasons I had fun writing their story was how much kissing these two do.  They kiss and they kiss and I was all too happy to explore their wonderfully excessive kissing mojo. One of my favorite scenes in MILLIONAIRE is when Sophia asks Thomas to kiss her – for the second time that night: Sophia let out a breath.  If Hope wasn’t holding her up with his weight, her knees would have definitely buckled.  Good God, never did a…