Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Mira Lynn Kelly | Just This Once
Author Guest / October 16, 2018

Dear Reader, As an author with more than twenty titles under my belt, I know I’m kind of supposed to have the whole “words” thing down by now… but there ARE NO WORDS to convey just how stoked I am to finally have Sean & Molly’s story out in the world!! YAY!!! JUST THIS ONCE hit the shelves on October 2nd, and believe me when I tell you we couldn’t wait a second longer!! LOL!! These smack talking, trouble making friends-to-lovers have been whispering naughty line-budging ideas in my head since the Wedding Date series was first conceived. They were NOT into being the third book in the series and kept pushing their love story to the forefront of my mind… begging for just a few more lines in each book, another hint, maybe just one really hot, eyes lingering, breathless anticipation, sizzling off the page scene… But tough as it was, I managed to wrestle them back, knowing their story would be worth the wait. And it SO was. Writing Sean and Molly was one of the most fun experiences of my career. They couldn’t wait to hit the page, and wouldn’t stop whispering to me until THE END was typed……