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Karen Kelley l Remembering the Hippie Days
Romance / July 15, 2009

Headbands, bell-bottoms, love beads, and Janis Joplin. Don’t worry about tomorrow, enjoy today. Getting back to nature, organic food…. I don’t know, maybe it’s the economy or something, but Karl and I planted a garden this year. We planted plenty of squash, peppers, and tomatoes because we figured some of the plants would die. They didn’t. Our freezer is almost full of squash (we have a small chest size freezer), but the tomatoes are getting ripe now. I’ve put squash in stir-fry, soups, spaghetti, and pizza. I’m going to need some more squash recipes. I’ve been wondering about squash wine. What do y’all think? The strangest thing has happened, though. I’m losing weight. By “bulking” up my food with lots of veggies, I don’t get hungry nearly as often. Crazy, isn’t it? Okay, now I have something to control my appetite, I wondered what would happen if I started exercising, just a short workout on the treadmill. I started out at 15 minutes, and that was pushing it. I’m a writer, and I sit on my butt every day so I have no exertion level. Zilch, none. I’ve lost 15 pounds! I’m empowered, look out world! Click here to read…

Karen Kelley | Twenty Questions…or Things You Didn’t Know About Me
Uncategorized / June 4, 2009

Twenty things you don’t know about me. Less if I run out of stuff to say. 1) My name is Karen Kelley. Okay, if you’re reading this blog you probably already knew that. 2) I write romance. And you might have known that, too. But did you know I write steamy romantic comedies? 3) I have two books out right now. How To Seduce A Texan. This is a new book from Kensington Brava. I was raised on a small farm so I had a lot of fun taking a big city reporter and putting her undercover in the country on a dude ranch. Except the hero in hiding discovers her deceit and plans to make her earn every word. 4) I’m usually laughing when I’m writing. I just can’t help myself. It’s like telling myself a joke I’ve never heard before. 5) The second book is one that went to mass market from trade. It’s the first book in my Planet Nerak series, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind. It’s another steamy romantic comedy. Warning: do not drink liquids when reading this book. Especially in public places because you might spray on the person in front of you. You’re…