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Spotlight on Kathy Carmichael
Uncategorized / February 23, 2010

I couldn’t figure out how to get a dead body down this embankment, about 50 feet above the water. I decided this would be a great place to dump a dead body! I used this location, outside the city limits, for where Amy found a tarp. While I never found an exact duplicate of Amy’s house, this one helped as a working model. This is a photo of me visiting the Chamber of Commerce. This made me think of Dolores’ historical home. It’s the perfect location for a séance, don’t you think? Alfie and I parked the car on this bridge over the Verdigris River and contemplated various ways to get a dead body over the railing. The Independence Police Department is in the basement of City Hall! Complications in the life of an author When my doctor first learned that I was writing a mystery novel, he suggested we go out for coffee.  Now mind you, he wasn’t suggesting a date.  No.  He wanted to go over some possible ways to off someone. Fortunately for me, the mystery I was writing was a little less complicated than that.  For DIARY OF A CONFESSIONS QUEEN I didn’t need obscure and…