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Kia Carrington-Russell | Happy Paranormal Thursday!
Author Guest / June 19, 2014

As a fantasy author who enjoys writing about attacks, draining, and bloody fight scenes, I must confess — I hate violence and fear the paranormal. No, no, no; let’s rephrase that: I am a believer in the supernatural and the paranormal, I just try to avoid it. Just don’t be nominating me to go watch a scary, suspenseful movie with anyone because I can’t do it. I’m a scardey cat. Most readers don’t realise that as wild and vivid as my mind may be, I don’t have the courage to watch scary movies or become involved with an activity that may be too risky or haunting. I am scared of the dark, jump when someone says boo, and I become faint and ghost-white at the smell of blood. I have always been a visual person and my books contain a lot of fight scenes and feature a lot of supernatural abilities. Have I ever been in a fight? No. Well… I may have beat up the little sister now and then when we were younger. Do I enjoy writing about them? Yes, I do. Every fight is different. When abilities and the paranormal abound it makes the possibilities endless. I…