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Fresh Pick | SLIGHTLY SPELLBOUND by Kimberly Frost
Fresh Pick / May 29, 2014

Fresh Pick for Thursday, May 29th, 2014 is SLIGHTLY SPELLBOUND by Kimberly Frost #SupernaturalThursday Southern Witch #4 Berkley May 2014 On Sale: May 6, 2014 ISBN: 0425267547 EAN: 9780425267547 Kindle: B00GY9SK0S Paperback / e-Book Add to Wish List Romance Paranormal Buy A Copy Kindle Powell’s Books Indiebound Slightly Spellbound by Kimberly Frost With two kinds of magick at odds inside her and two gorgeous men vying for her attention, Tammy Jo Trask is used to being pulled in opposite directions. But in the latest Southern Witch novel she’ll have to make some serious decisions—like how she intends to stay alive. Tammy Jo’s romance with the wizard Bryn Lyons is on hold while her ex-husband is in town trying to remind her of the good old days. Choosing between them isn’t easy, and it doesn’t help that a skeletal creature is spying on her, a faery knight is hunting her, and she just made friends with Evangeline Rhodes—a rich witch who thinks her own family is trying to kill her. When Evangeline disappears under suspicious circumstances, Tammy Jo is determined to find out what happened. As she uncovers a secret more dangerous—and personal—than she could have imagined, she also…

Sandi Shilhanek | Fabulous Fabulous….Boas And Tiaras Tea
Guests , Sundays with Sandi / June 13, 2010

Yesterday was the DFW TeaReaders annual Boas and Tiaras tea. It’s the one time of the year that we try to dress a bit for tea, and show our fabulous selves with wonderful tiaras and colorful boas. Last year I had to miss the event because of family obligations, but this year I was lucky enough to attend! As usual the food and fellowship were divine! If there’s a downside to this event it’s that it’s so big it’s hard to know where to sit, and who to socialize with. I know I missed meeting several newcomers to our events, and I really hope that they return often so I can get to know them. This year was a bit different I believe in that we had a raffle drawing. We had very generous authors who donated great prizes. Amongst the authors donating were Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Dianna Love, Claire Avery and Jaye Wells. If I missed an author donation I’m terribly sorry and know it was greatly appreciated. Did I mention that I was lucky enough to win one of the baskets donated by Michelle, and got a galley of her new book, Cross Your Heart?…

Tea, Authors, and Chocolate, Oh My!
Saturdays with Sara / June 12, 2010

None of what I am about to write would have been possible without the wonderfulness that is Sara R. and DFWTea!  She is just a wonderful person who makes all these author events happen! Look who came: Dakota Cassidy : Website, Twitter: @DakotaCassidy Kimberly Frost : Website,  Twitter: @frostfiction Rosemary Clement-Moore: Website,  Twitter: @rclementmoore Jaye Wells: Website, Twitter: @jayewells Michele Bardsley: Website, Twitter: @michelebardsley Claire Avery: Website, Twitter: @authorclaire The Fab Kimberly Frost sat at our table–we yapped her ears off!  She is a wonderful person and guess what might stop by next month for Paranormal Fest.  WHOO HOOO! This is what happens when you sit at a table with me!  She was such a good sport! Signing my books–YEAH! 2 books being read next month during Witchy July Would-Be Witch (A Southern Witch Novel) Barely Bewitched Also the Fab Dakota Cassidy (Pink Boa), Jaye Wells (Blue Boa), and Rosemary Clement-Moore (tiara)! Now Jaye Wells we all know I love click here and here for more on her.We all know I love the Sabina Kane series!  Check them out! Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane) Book 1 The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane) Book 2 Do you guys know who is in…

Kimberly Frost | When In the World Would You Go?
Uncategorized / March 16, 2009

I’d imagine that I’m like a lot of readers in that I love the way that fiction transports me to different times and places…to different worlds where the laws of physics and nature need not apply or where the laws of “good society” do. Regency England and the Scottish Highlands. Sunnydale and Salem. Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth… When I began the Southern Witch series, I knew that I wanted a small town setting with eccentric, charming characters, but I also realized that since the series contains magic, I could incorporate other elements. Here’s a brief exchange from Book 1 between Tammy Jo Trask, small-town girl and Would-Be Witch, with the family ghost, Edie: * * * Click here to read the rest of the blog and enter for a chance to win a copy of WOULD-BE WITCH. Visit to learn more about books and authors.