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Kristina Knight | Laura Ingalls, Sam Jellicoe: Why Spunk Makes the Heroine
Author Guest / June 3, 2014

I should probably sub-title this post ‘My Favorite Heroine(s)’, but then I might leave one off the list and she might leave the pages of her books to haunt me through the night… There have been several heroines I’ve identified with over my lifetime, but two that are very special to me — that I sometimes still feel are part of me. This first is Laura Ingalls Wilder. When I was little I loved those books. I didn’t have sisters, I wasn’t the middle child, but I did grow up on a farm in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of animals and lots of places to explore. Our local PBS station was re-running all of the Little House episodes the summer I turned 9 and I was in heaven. For an hour every day I got to watch Laura get into all kinds of trouble — and I quickly realized she had some good ideas. Nothing to do on a hot day? Why not wander down to the creek (we had 3 of them) and fish? Too rainy to go outside? Why not explore a haunted house (or my basement) to see what I could find? Not too…